Content Marketing
It is essential that people who don’t know your business exists, find you to be a valuable source or expert for any industry specific need. At the same time, your existing customers must continue to find value in your company even after purchasing from you. In other words, content marketing is a cornerstone to your online success for every stage of the buyer’s journey.
Dynamic Messaging
Be flexible with your customers. Their needs and wants change over time and so do their behaviors. With dynamic messaging, your business can communicate and grow with its clients as these tiny adjustments begin to surface. Your emails, digital ads, and even website information can change in real time, according to what image your customer last viewed or information they read and spent significant time on, indicating valuable interest.
Intelligent Email and SMS
Send personalized messaging to your contacts segmented by personas, interests, behaviors and actions. Integrated tracking like phone calls, website visits, email opens, text message replies and more can help bring your customer experience marketing and customer acquisitions to the next level. Blast emails are just not as effective any more, email your clients and prospects information they want and need.
Mobile App Push Notifications
Integrate your mobile app for another direct channel to communicate with your clients. Be relevant and send notifications that make sense to the end user.