Getting your staff involved is the key to happy success

by Lena
16 July 2019

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Staff driven success is a crucial element in any salon’s marketing initiatives. Many have overlooked it when working with agencies or companies in the past, however introducing your staff into some of the marketing strategies will surely help them feel involved and cared for. This sort of mindset builds customer loyalty and longevity inside your luxurious hair salon.

Here are the 6 foundational action steps to go by if you too feel that your staff is important to your business.

  • Each stylist should own an Instagram account to display their work and personalities as a digital portfolio for potential customers. Create profiles for those who may not have an IG, as this is an important action item for your stylists’ success.
  • Highlight each stylist and their work as often as possible on all of your salon’s social platforms with a healthy balance of 2-3 posts each day. (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google My Business, etc.)
  • Always include your staff’s social media handles (@mollycutz_hair) when posting blogs on any promotional announcement or trends that showcase their work.
  • Having a user-friendly online booking system will help to increase your stylists' appointments and give potential customers a quick and easy way to book with your stylists at the highest moment of impact. That is, right when they’re searching on google.

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  • Encourage clients to leave reviews not only about their experience at your salon but with the stylist(s) in particular.
  • Creating an email address where your staff can contribute their photos and videos to be posted on the salon’s business Instagram is an effective way to ensure the salon doesn’t run out of content to publish daily. This also tells you who in your staff is actively looking to grow.
  • If you’ve done this and more, and are now at a point where you need deeper marketing expertise and staff-involved strategies, fill out our form below and one of our specialists will get in touch!

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