How to improve your customer experience

by Lena
17 February 2020

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dark haired woman in an aisle of hair products holding a bottle in each hand and comparing them

In order to become one of the best salons in your city and provide your clients the best experience, selling retail is essential. It doesn’t only help to increase your salon’s revenue, but also shows your clients that you truly care about their hair and boosts your salon’s credibility. If you ask us, every beauty business should definitely offer professional retail products. Read on and learn more about the chances and benefits it brings!

Customer Experience

Your clients see your salon as a place of expertise, and they trust in what you’re providing. Offering retail enhances the professionalism that you and your team represents, and shows that you care about your clients hair. Thanks to your product recommendations and styling tips, your customers have the chance to recreate their salon look at home and look stunning every day. By doing so, you build a strong customer relationship that leads to earning loyal customers.

bottles of colorful hair products displayed on wall shelves

Increase Revenue

Selling retail hair care products is a relatively easy way to increase your salon’s income. With a little bit of marketing, the right retail products coupled with attractive promotions, your clients will inevitably love the products you sell. Merchandising provides another reliable stream of income and will help to give your salon financial security. Doesn't this sound good?


Having a wide range of professional hair care gives your staff the opportunity to learn to work with different products. Additionally, several brands offer educational classes for your staff in order to make sure they get to know their products well. For your team, this is a great way to learn and grow, and extend their knowledge about hair. Furthermore, the training ensures to keep your stylists on top of the latest innovations which is more than motivating. We’re sure your staff would love attending styling classes and improving their skills!

brown haired woman with blue eyes staring ahead while holding a pink hair product bottle in a shop with stocked shelves


Carrying well known, professional hair care products will boost the credibility of your salon. You show that you provide an excellent experience and work together with the finest hair care brands. Your salon has the chance to attract new clients, just by showing off specific brands and products as people know and trust them.

Online Retail

Salon retail doesn’t only have to be limited to your salon’s location. Setting up an online shop can be more than beneficial in order to increase retail sales and reach a wider audience instead of relying solely on your clients to show up in order to make a product purchase. With an online shop you can increase the revenue from retail even more so, and ultimately help your salon grow with added awareness online.

Get Started

Selling retail is more than beneficial for every hair salon and we highly recommend it. If you want to get to know more about retail for hair salons, here are some tips and tricks for you. In case you’re looking for help to promote your retail products or set up an online shop, get in contact with us!

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