A well-designed email campaign can do wonders for your business

by Lena
30 August 2019

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In this age of social media, text messaging, and video calls, it’s easy to assume e-mail is falling by the wayside. This couldn’t be further from the truth! A well-designed, intelligent email campaign can be the difference between a slow month, and one that’s record-breaking. Let us explain how.

Just the facts

The average open rate for e-mails across all business industries is 20.81%.

In addition to this, e-mails are a whopping 40% more effective at acquiring new customers than social media outlets such as Facebook or Twitter.

This is to say, e-mail marketing is still an extremely effective tool for gaining new customers, and keeping old ones returning and loyal.

How it works

At Flutter Media, we utilize intelligent email campaigns in order to target only those who are most likely to engage with your brand. It’s not enough to just blast a generic e-mail out to your list of addresses.

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Personalized e-mails - that is, e-mails which automatically call the recipient by name, or fill in other info with any variety of gathered information - see a measurable 10% greater conversion rate than generic emails.

It’s not all about calling your customers by their name, though. Intelligent email campaigns go deeper: for instance, we may want to send customers who haven’t visited within the past three months a special offer to get them back in your place of business.

Do you have a product that could be considered a best-seller? We’ll create an email designed to capitalize on those who have made this specific purchase in the near past by suggesting them other products we commonly see purchased by similar customers.

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Going further

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s say you’re running a special promotion or event, and want to get the word out. The first step would be designing an eye-catching email with a call to action at the bottom - this could be anything from, “shop now”, to “book an appointment”, to “call us now”.

A certain length of time later, that initial audience gets segmented into different groups: those who clicked the email but did not click the call to action, those who followed through and converted, those who ignored the email completely, and so on.

From there, each segmented group receives a different next step in the e-mail campaign - utilizing a combination of all the strategies outlined thus far.

Designing your personalized e-mail campaign with Flutter Media

Our team of expert graphic designers are on deck and waiting to help capture the essence of your business that will speak directly to your customers and potential customers. Every business is unique, and to that end, we believe every business should receive their own personal, specialized treatment when it comes to designing their e-mail campaigns.

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We want to help you capture the hearts and minds of those most likely to become loyal customers. We’ve got the tools, the know-how, and the analytics to back it up. The only thing that’s missing is you!

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