What are the basic first steps to having an online presence for a salon?

by Lena
5 November 2018

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Why do I need an online presence for my salon?

Having an online presence can make or break a business, especially for small business owners. In 2019 people do their research about businesses online, especially when choosing a new hair salon. They are judging your salon, services, and stylists’ work online.

Potential customers expect your salon to have a professional online presence, making it as easy as possible to find out the exact information about your salon and the services you offer.

The time dedicated to building an online presence for your business and thinking about how to advertise efficiently is time well spent.

If you’re difficult to find online, your potential customers have no way to find out about you. Even worse, they’ll be looking at your competitor’s reviews or their salon’s website, social media or all three. If your competitor has a good online presence, they won’t even consider you as an option. Customers are making way less buying decisions offline, due to word of mouth or passing by on the street. Your future customers are using their phones and making decisions online.

Read more to find out what the basic first steps are in order to create a strong online presence for a hair salon!

Listing Distribution

First things first, you want to make sure your salon’s information is accurately listed across all possible listing sites. This can easily be achieved with our listing management services, which includes disseminating your information through the four main data distribution services, suppressing duplicate or inaccurate listings, and management of your Google My Business listing.

Creating a Website

Creating a website is a very important step you should take towards building a professional business presence online. 51% of small business owners say websites are the most effective online marketing tool for creating awareness and strengthening customer relationships, more than any other online marketing tool.

A website ensures that you’re available at any time. Potential clients should be able to simply take a look at your website and get all the information needed to research your services and ultimately book an appointment for the next day. A website gives more flexibility to your clients and to your business. For example, having an online booking feature gives customers the option to book an appointment from their phone, anywhere, at any time even after 7-8 pm, when your receptionist leaves.

Also, good website design will enhance your credibility. Consumers are more likely to trust in businesses with a strong online presence and a professional website.

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Here are a couple of examples: Imagine, your website has a page with a live feed to your Instagramwhere there are photos from your stylists of recent haircuts, styles, and colors. Your potential customer may want one of these exact styles or colors. This will increase your chances of that customer booking an appointment and potentially becoming a long term, loyal customer.

Another page on your site may have a live feed to your Google or Facebook (shining) reviews. When a potential customer is browsing through your site and comes across these reviews, this will also increase your chances of them becoming a new customer of your salon and not your competition down the street.

People are making quick decisions online that more than often lead to that customer becoming loyal to that salon and/or stylist who has done an excellent job on their hair, just like the review they read before booking for the first time.

Don't worry a review feed on your site can filter out the less than 4 star reviews...

One of our services is building a growth driven website for your salon. That means having a website that's constantly improving to provide the best possible online experience for your salon's website visitors. An online booking option, a (filtered) review feed, and social media platforms are all features we’ve already mentioned, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. SEO optimization, weekly/monthly reports, and consistent blog updates are also available.

All these features work in tandem to create a powerful, goal-converting website whose success rate we can track in real-time.

Creating Social Media Accounts

Social media accounts are a great opportunity to gain new clients and build a strong online community. On different social media platforms, your salon can share the best examples of your work and give inspiration to a larger audience. Social media marketing is booming and offers enormous opportunity.

If people are searching for your salon online, they not only want to see the prices and services that you offer. Potential customers also want to see the work your stylists are able to produce.

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By sharing content that's relevant to your audience, you create awareness for your salon and attract more people from the same audience of your existing or desired customers.

Being active with relevant content on different social media platforms (for different audiences) makes it easy to give all kinds of potential customers better insight and an idea of the quality of work your salon is capable of. This also helps strengthen the relationships with your current clients and increase customer loyalty and retention.

We call this SOCIAL VOICE. It’s important to speak and engage with your audience differently on each channel that makes up your online presence. Why people decide to follow you on Instagram is much different than why they’d decide to follow you on Facebook.

We know being active every day on social media channels takes precious time - time that you might not have. Therefore, it makes sense to hire someone for your social media management. Our team is happy to help you to create content, schedule posts and help you take care of your social media channels. See an example of what a social media account looks like before and after 3 months of our team working with this New York City salon.

How your website and social media channels work together

84% of U.S. consumers believe a business with a website is more credible than one with only a social media page.

So, ideally, your website and your social media channels work together in order to ensure an overall strong online presence for your salon. Your website should be the center of your online presence, while social media and reviews are used to engage and drive potential customers to your website.

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So many salon owners make a costly mistake by not linking their salon website to their social media accounts. Doing this makes it easy for visitors to go from your social media to your website and vice versa.

Your social media accounts should be easily found so that customers and potential customers can easily "follow" you as they want to watch out for promotions, a photo the stylist took of them after a haircut, because they like your brand, or for many other reasons.
Your customers live on their phones and social media, so should your salon.

If your website and social media work hand in hand, you’ll see the importance of an online presence and how it can work for you!

Start creating your online presence

Having a strong online presence will help you secure more new customers that you wouldn't have otherwise. Being visible online means attracting more people, increasing awareness, and helping your salon gain more clients.

By missing out on building a strong online presence, you are also constantly missing out on gaining new customers for your salon or losing them to your competitors.

If you need help with your online presence management feel free to contact us and get to know more about our diverse marketing services!

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