New Year's Salon Marketing Ideas

by Lena
3 January 2020

Reading time: 2 minutes

close up of a woman with hair tied back and eyes closed wearing red lipstick and covered in golden glitter

2020 has just begun and you might be wondering how to keep your salon as busy as it was during the Holiday Season. Traditionally, January and February are tough months for hair salons, as most people cut their spending after Christmas. This buyer’s behavior can be crucial for your small business and is the very reason why one must be prepared. There’s no better way of preparing than to know what effective marketing strategies to go for in the New Year. Here are some salon promotions that really work to help you attract new customers and keep your regular clients coming back in 2020!

New Years Changes

The first month of the New Year is the perfect time to get rid of things that don't work out for you and your stylists. Ask your clients and your team about what you can do better and realize these positive changes. Set new goals, plan styling classes and events, try something different, stay on top of the latest trends and products and never stop improving. Create a plan and spice up your salon’s marketing, your services and your salon’s interior. There’s no better time than 2020 to shine in a new light!

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New Years Makeover

The New Year is not only a moment of change for your salon, but also for all of your clients. Many people want to try a new look and are hungry for a makeover. This means, you need to freshen up your salon’s marketing and adjust it to your client’s desires in this special time of year. Market your hair salon as a place where people can rejuvenate themselves, try something new and boost their confidence. The “New Year, New You” message is exactly what people are looking for during the New Year. Let your customers know that your salon is ready to create a beautiful, fresh look for them others will rave about!

Run A Promotion

In most cases, the sales in hair salons drop after Christmas time. One effective way to combat against the expected slow churn, would be to spread the word about a new promotion using social media, digital ads, emails and texts. This has proven to keep retail rolling. This strategy does not only help you keep your current clients happy, but also attracts new customers. It may be in your best interest to create classy postcards or table cards with the promotion details for whenever someone is in the waiting room or passes by the salon. Use every opportunity to raise awareness, this will be your bread and butter.

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead is the key when it comes to successful marketing strategies. The Holiday Season is over, but there are more special days coming ahead. For example : Valentine’s day! Many of your clients will want to have a unique hairstyle for this special day, so you should start thinking about what to offer. You might want to create special Valentine’s gift sets, bundles or events!

Get Started

Are you ready for some New Year’s promotions? Get started now! If you need any help to improve your salon’s online presence, get in contact with us. We can help take over your review management, your social media marketing, digital advertisement, and more!