6 Ways to motivate your stylists

by Lena
6 December 2019

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woman in grey top with exposed shoulder getting her brown hair styled by two female hair stylists wearing black aprons

Hiring the right team and keeping your stylists motivated is just as important as having an outstanding marketing strategy. Always remember: your salon is just as good as your team is. The stylists are the ones that interact with your clients each day, and they are responsible for offering an outstanding experience and making your customers return. Your stylists need to create an environment full of energy and positivity. Their love for the craft should be obvious to the client. As a salon owner, you have to take care of your staff, make sure your team never loses its passion, and stays as motivated as they were on day one. Here’s how!

Make Your Stylists Feel Comfortable

First things first: you need to create a positive environment in your salon. One way is to make sure that your staff feels comfortable in your salon. A break room for your staff helps with this initiative, and is a must. Your team needs a place to relax, to share tips and to get creative with the other stylists. Having a room in which your team is able to free their mind is essential when trying to keep them motivated and happy.

Know Your Team

Each member of your team is an individual, and this is how you may treat them. Every stylist has a unique way of providing the best services, and a unique way of solving problems. Your employees will appreciate it, if you know them and understand how to assist them in their personal growth. Encourage every member of your team to think of themselves as their own business. Each hairdresser is responsible for their own work, and at the end of the day, how busy they are is how financially beneficial they are to themselves. Never stop reminding your stylists that your success is their success too!

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Reward Your Stylists

Rewarding your stylists for doing a great job is one of the best ways to motivate them. For example, set a personal goal of appointments that each stylist should achieve daily, weekly, or even monthly. If they hit the target, they’ll get rewarded. The rewards you offer can be free treatments, cash bonuses or even gift cards. Make sure to look at every stylist as an individual again and offer what will motivate them most! People are often motivated in three ways, delegation, competition, or by reward. Finding out how to move your stylists will be a clear path to better success for your salon and business.


Encouraging your team to work together makes a difference! If your stylists work together, it will improve the atmosphere and welcoming feel each time a client walks into your salon. A great way to bring the team together is by organizing events each month. This can be classic team building programs, education, or even recreational. Having all of your staff work together, get to know each other, and bond will help to create a “feel good” environment at the hair salon. Keep your team happy!

Healthy Competition

Encouraging your team to work together is really important, but so is a little bit of healthy competition. If managed correctly, a competition can bring out the best in every one of your stylists and provide a little extra motivation. A great way to do so is by setting specific goals, such as “collect 10 postive online reviews” , “get as many likes and shares on a post about a style you created on social media” or “boost your retail sales by 10% during the next week”. However, be careful the competition doesn't have an effect on your employee’s morale. Remind your team that such a competition is friendly and will boost everyone’s motivation. In the end, it’s meant to help each other and not to harm each other.

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Education / Trainings

In order to never get bored and lose their passion, your stylists have to continue learning and growing. As a salon owner, it's your responsibility to organize styling classes, color education and lessons on the latest products. It’s not only important for your salon’s success to stay on top of new innovations and techniques, it also helps to make sure your staff develops. There’s always more to learn, and if your staff understands that, it will help them to keep going!

Get Started

Having motivated stylists and a great team spirit is the key to having a great salon. If you need help, or have a strong and healthy work culture in place, learn how to get to the next level with the help of online marketing. Take a look at our case studies and see what we can do for your business. We’re ready to get your salon as busy as ever before. Get in contact with us now!