How to improve your customer experience

by Lena
7 February 2020

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As a salon owner, it’s crucial to know about the importance of brilliant customer service. With so many hair salons in your area, the key to success will always be differentiating yourself from the competition while having your clients come back on a regular basis. Generating loyal, life long clients should be your number one goal and therefore, the experience at your salon has to be outstanding, always. Read on to learn some tips that will help you to improve your customer service and really make a difference!

Booking System

Did you know that the booking process of your salon can either help you lose or gain clients? Nowadays, people don’t want to wait for your opening hours anymore to book their makeover via phone. It’s important to provide your clients the flexibility they’re craving for by setting up an online booking option. Providing a flawless online booking system allows your clients to book whenever they want. Besides this, you can ask for your client’s email address or phone number and send out reminders on the days of their appointment which is convenient for both you and your customers. Increasing the amount of data you have on your clients, will prove to be invaluable in the long-run. Give it a try!

First Impression

If you really want to impress your clients, you need to start making them feel good and welcomed as soon as they enter your salon. It shouldn’t take longer than 8 seconds to greet your customers and start a conversation. By doing so, you create the basis of an amazing salon experience and a positive first impression! Try implementing this 8 second rule with your receptionist staff and stylists.

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Take Care Of Your Clients

In a best case scenario, your clients don’t have to wait to be attended to. However, we understand you can’t always predict how long you’ll take with a previously booked client. With this in mind, making their waiting time more pleasant can have a huge impact on your customers’ experience. Your clients will always appreciate having a comfortable sofa, or seating area, a selection of the latest magazines, an easy way to find the WiFi password, and they especially love being offered a drink or two. Remember, make your clients feel as comfortable as possible in a waiting time as short as possible!

Keep Your Clients Entertained

Some services can take hours and it’s easy for clients to get bored if you don’t keep them entertained. Don’t forget to check on your customers from time to time, offer them magazines, drinks and free WiFi or provide a TV. Having charging cables for your clients on each station is another great idea to make a difference in your customer’s experience at the salon. No one has a problem using their smartphones as a way of entertainment, so they’ll appreciate it.

Share Advice

Everyone loves free advice. Once your client is ready, make sure that your stylists make an effort to provide educated and helpful tips your clients can use at home. As a hairstylist they know more about hair than anyone else and should share this knowledge. Your clients will be happy about some pro tips in order to style their new look properly, get to know how to keep their hair color fresh and maintain healthy locks. Improving your customer’s experience is often about small gestures like this!

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Loyalty Programs

It is way easier to maintain and grow customer loyalty than gaining new clients. With a bit of work, you’re able to keep your current customers happy and increase returning visit rates. A simple way to do so are loyalty programs. Your clients can collect points for purchases, bookings and referrals, get rewarded or receive special offers. The options are endless!

Get Started

Whether you’re new in the beauty industry, or are running a business for many years already - the importance of customer experience can’t be overlooked. If you need help with setting up an online booking option or implementing a loyalty program that works, we’re here to help. Get in contact with us!

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