How to fix your Google My Business profile

by Lena
15 November 2019

Reading time: 3 minutes

google my business name

In order to be found by your clients on Google, you have to set up a Google Listing for your salon and ensure that it’s always up to date. Google My Business is a core element of local SEO and a basic when it comes to successful online marketing. Imagine: 50% of consumers visit a store on the day they perform a local search. At the same time, 80% of these potential customers lose trust in a local business if they are not listed and don’t provide any or incorrect information online. If you want to help your salon grow and attract new clients, being listed and keeping your listing up to date is a MUST. Get to know here step by step how to list your salon on Google!

Step 1

The very first step is creating a Google account for your salon. If you already have one, just sign in!

Step 2

Once you set up or logged in into your salon’s Google account, you need to head to and click “manage now” if you want to get started.

Step 3

google my business insert business name form confirmation

The next step is entering your business name. In case any other business has the same name like your salon in your area, you’ll see that these businesses are suggested for you. This allows you to check if your business listing already exists to avoid duplications, and allows you to add another GMB profile to an existing business in case your salon owns multiple locations.

Step 4

google my business insert address form

Once your salon name is entered, it’s time to add your address and confirm the location on a map. This will show your customers where your salon is located, and allows Google to show your business on Google Maps. Adding your address is important for local searches and local SEO. It makes it as easy as possible to find your business and attract new customers when they’re looking for a hair salon around them using GPS (example: hair salon near me) or local keywords ( such as: hair salons in AREA NAME) right on their phones.

Step 5

google my business form choose category

Next, choose your business category. By doing so, you make it easier for Google to match your salon for people asking for any hair services, like haircuts, hair color or a blow dry. The business category shows what your business is about and what kind of services you offer. Tip: make sure to be as specific as possible here. It’s possible, but not that easy, to adjust your business's category later!

Step 6

google my business choose main contact

In this step you’ll enter your contact data. Even if it’s not compulsory to enter this data to set up a business listing, it’s essential if you want to gain new clients, offer the best customer experience possible and take advantage of all GMB functionalities. Don't forget: always make sure to change the details immediately in case your salon has a new phone number / email address for all your locations!

Step 7

google my business listing finish form confirmation

That was basically it! The last thing you have to do is verify your business. As Google wants to provide valid and correct services for everyone, they obviously make sure your business exists and has provided correct information. To verify your business, you can use postcard verification, phone verification or email verification.

What now?

Once you set up your listing, you need to start taking care of it to optimize your account. Make sure to add photos and videos, a business description, service menus and promotions, keep track of your Google reviews, check your analytics on a regular basis and ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS make sure you provide correct information about your salon. Maintaining a good listing is important for your salon to attract new customers as there are competitors who may alter your listing information in hopes to cause your business a hardship. If you can’t handle all this by yourself, get in contact with us. We offer Listings Distribution, Listings Management, and Protection services. We’re here to help you get the best out of your online marketing! Get in touch today.