First steps in digital marketing

by Lena
3 September 2019

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There are a few different options when it comes to choosing who does your digital marketing. Many people like solo entrepreneurs and freelancers tend to handle their digital marketing themselves. Although this may be a good idea to the startup and owners with a very small budget, it can be time-consuming and may take several years before you master exactly the kind of marketing that works for your business.

Just the facts

If you have the time and resources to dedicate towards handling your own digital marketing, it’s definitely the most cost-effective option! However, most business owners already have their plates full, and this could lead to some important oversights in any number of areas. In general, we’d recommend having someone else do the bulk of your digital marketing for you

Another way that many small or medium-sized business owners handle their digital marketing is by hiring someone in-house to manage it for them. This could be an effective solution, but beware: digital marketing has many arms, and you may find yourself hiring extra people to help manage everything, thus going over-budget.

The final and most beneficial option is to partner with a marketing firm. You invest what you would on one payroll for the knowledge, assistance, execution, and management of an entire team of experts.

At Flutter Media, we pride ourselves on providing professional, cutting-edge digital marketing services for our partners at affordable, return on investment based pricing.

This New York City-based luxury salon faced a unique problem: their salon moved to the second floor of a building, effectively eliminating any foot traffic. They needed to come up with a way to drive business without relying on people walking by and noticing them.

Watch the video below to learn how partnering with Flutter Media not only helped them regain that lost business but also helped them grow beyond what they could ever hope for relying solely on foot traffic.

To find out more about how Flutter Media can help you handle your digital marketing strategies, fill out this form to set up your free consultation. We hope to hear from you soon!

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