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by Lena
27 February 2020

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Knowing about your customers experience and their satisfaction is important for every business, including hair salons. Even if you offer competitive prices, too many bad reviews will break your beauty business. Your clients are what keeps your salon alive, and if they aren’t happy with the services you provide, they won’t come back or recommend your salon. Thanks to a customer satisfaction survey, you have the chance to constantly improve and be proactive with your clients and customers. You may even be able to reduce the amount of negative reviews by using a survey to take immediate action on your clients’ feedback before they publish their (negative) opinions online. Read on and get to know more about customer satisfaction surveys for hair salons!

The Benefits

There is nothing worse than unsatisfied clients, and the best way to get to know about your clients opinion is by asking them. A survey allows you to dive deep into what’s working well at your salon, and even more so, what’s not working and needs to be changed. As a salon owner, you’ll get the chance to open your mind and might even discover aspects which need to be improved you never thought about before. On the other hand, your clients will appreciate the chance to give feedback and be a part of your salon’s journey. Basically, a customer satisfaction survey will strengthen the relationship you have with your clients, a survey helps your salon improve and allows you to become much wiser.

How To Motivate Clients To Fill Out A Survey?

Most of your clients will be happy to fill out a customer satisfaction survey, while some may need a little push. It might be beneficial for you to offer a reward or incentive to everyone who takes part in your survey. For example, some rewards that have worked in the past are free samples, a discount on your services or retail products, or a bonus on reward points if your salon has a loyalty program.

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How To Give Out The Survey?

In order to get as honest answers as possible, your survey should be anonymous. There are several options for you to give out the survey and you have to find out what works best for you and your clients. If you prefer handing out a printed version, place it at your front desk along with some pencils and a box to collect the filled out forms. If you want to go for an online survey, you can rather send out emails and include a survey or create a survey on another platform. There are several websites (for example: , SurveyMonkey or Typeform) offering you to create your own survey for free and share it on Instagram, Facebook, your website or anywhere else.

How To Write A Customer Satisfaction Survey

The way you form your questions has a direct impact on the answers you’ll get. Make sure that your questions are clear and not vague. At the same time, you have to pay attention to your wording and avoid asking questions that can be answered with yes/no. If you do so, you won’t get the kind of feedback you’re looking for. Try to ask questions that encourage clients to give a longer, more specific answer. You could ask questions like “What do you like best about your experience at our salon?” or “How can we improve your salon experience?” and leave some space for a fill-in answer. In case you have several questions in mind, we recommend going for multiple choice questions, as your survey should take no more than 2 minutes to complete. By offering several choices, you’ll have the chance to understand your clients experience and opinions better than compared to yes/no answers. For example:

“How likely are you to recommend our salon to your family and friends?”

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What To Ask?

What to ask your clients depends on your salon, and if the client is a first time or long term client. For a first time client, you might go for questions like “How did you find out about our salon?” , “What was your first impression when walking in?” or “How happy are you with the service compared to the price you paid?”. For long term clients, good questions are “What do you like most about our salon, and what would you like to improve?” or “Are there any services you'd like us to provide that we currently don’t?”. In any case, you shouldn’t forget to write a friendly introduction to your survey and thank your clients for taking the time to leave their feedback!

Get Started

Are you ready to build a customer satisfaction survey for your salon? Let’s get started! In case you’re looking for more input on this topic, get in contact with us. We’re here to help you create the perfect survey for your salon, and support you in any area of marketing!

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