What salon hair care products sell best?

by Lena
28 October 2019

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Selling professional hair care products in your salon is important for your business. Why? You have responsibility towards your clients! Inside the salon, you take care of your customers’ locks, but once they leave, they’re usually on their own. Providing your clients with the best hair care products possible, can help them to continue the lovely experience and hard work you shared at the salon, onward and in between services. It’s a sure way to increase chances for referrals when you have happy clients. Besides this, selling retail can significantly increase your profits. Selling hair care products will help you increase your revenue without adding high, additional expenses for your salon. Read on and learn which products will be most beneficial for you!

Finding the right products

The products you sell have to match the message and feel of your salon. If you’re an organic salon, sell fair produced, vegan products with natural ingredients like Aveda or Kevin Murphy. As a salon that offers luxury services, you should go for matching, high end brands, such as Oribe or Kerastase. If you’re a low cost salon, go for cheaper, yet professional and good brands and products like Redken or Wella. Always provide products that are targeted to your group of clients, and that best represent your salon!

Changing with the seasons

Every season can create an effect on your clients’ hair differently from person to person. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to switch up your product range once the climate changes. Most of the brands even offer customized products for the different seasons that meet specific hair needs . Make sure to always know about special editions and provide your clients the matching products that work well throughout the seasons!

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Best products to sell in fall/winter

In this season, there are certain products you shouldn’t miss out on. As the fall and winter have lot of drying effects on our hair, you should definitely stock up your nourishing product lines. Shampoo, conditioner, hair masks, hair oil - it’s all about the moisture! Besides this, gift sets are high on demand in fall and winter. People start buying Holiday gifts early, and one of the most popular items purchased around this time, are beauty products. Most brands offer special sets for Christmas, and people love them!

New products

The beauty industry is changing fast, and there are several new products being launched every month. We definitely recommend that you stay up to date, and always check the latest innovations. It’s great for you to provide the newest products for customers, as they’ll be excited to try them!

The best selling hair care brands

Some of the beauty brand will definitely be game changers for your salon. See a list of the 10 best selling and well-known hair care brands here:

Product marketing

Besides choosing the right products for your salon, you need to have a great marketing strategy to sell retail successfully. Ads, promotions, social media and an online shop can help you to increase your sales exponentially. Get in contact with us and let us help you promote your salon and the products you sell!

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