Best Practices for New York City Salons

by Lena
13 December 2019

Reading time: 2 minutes

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Why do some salons in NYC fail or remain ordinary while other salons thrive, open more and more locations and become one of the top salons consumers go to? What do these flourishing salons have that’s better than the salons that fail? Staying on top of the beauty business in New York City, and many other cities, is not impossible, but needs a smart business plan. You need to create a successful salon brand, build up a thriving salon culture and never stop learning about recent marketing tactics. Read on and get to know the keys for making your salon more successful and avoid common mistakes salon owners make!

Social Media

New York is a city full of innovation and people that use diverse social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube on a daily basis. Social media plays a crucial role in developing a great salon brand and culture. Basically, social media is nowadays your business card. Thanks to a business profile on Instagram, your clients get inspired, can easily get in contact with you and even book appointments within a few steps through the app. With promos and contests, you can drive new guest traffic to your salon and gain more clients. Collaborations with local influencers or other businesses in your area will help you spread the word about your salon online, that ultimately leads to growing your customer base. Besides this, you’re able to track your progress and watch your salon improve. Plus, your clients will love to get photographed with their new hairstyles, get featured on your salon’s account and share their great experience online!

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Be unique

There are countless salons in NYC, offering haircuts, coloring services and everything else their clients desire. In order to stand out from the high saturation of salons, you need to be special. Hearing your clients mention how they always want to come back and tell their family and friends about your salon is a great sign of uniqueness. An outstanding salon starts with a message, or mission statement. This goes with the styles you create, your logo, how you treat your guests and your team. Your salon’s goal should be to remain authentic and unique, tell a story and make it clear for anyone to understand what your salon is about. Without a special statement, concise mission or an interesting story to tell, your salon will be just like any other salon in New York. Unless you’re ok with that, then by all means enjoy. But if you’re in this business to find freedom and take over, then you’re our type of reader.

The Team

When it comes to building a great, thriving salon culture, hiring the right team should be your number one priority. There are many stylists searching for jobs in the city, but you definitely have to take a closer look before hiring someone. The potential candidates have to be on board with your salon’s mission. Make sure that they share the same values as does your salon. The second most important step for having a great team is giving them opportunities to grow. Never stop offering them the chance to participate in classes, events where they can get to know the latest products, techniques, and learn how to overcome challenges. If your team has a great flow and they share the same passion, your clients will forever enjoy their services which leads to higher retention!

Get Creative

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Start finding other creative marketing ideas! The opportunities in New York are endless. If you want to spread the word about your salon, getting in the community is a great way to do so. Think about hosting events, organize a small charity event to attract more clients, sponsor a school play or participate in the NYFW. If you want to get more people to know about your salon, you need to go out and tell them. This will help you build up your presence within your local community significantly!

Be present

Nowadays you NEED to have an outstanding online presence and online marketing strategy in order to stay on top of the competition. Build a well-designed website, create social media accounts, write blogs, improve your SEO, set up an online booking option, manage your online reviews, take care of your listings, etc. Do everything you can do to create the best online presence possible for your salon!

Get started

In this step you’ll enter your contact data. Even if it’s not compulsory to enter this data to set up a business listing, it’s essential if you want to gain new clients, offer the best customer experience possible and take advantage of all GMB functionalities. Don't forget: always make sure to change the details immediately in case your salon has a new phone number / email address for all your locations!