The 5 Best Ways To Attract New Customers To Your Salon

by Lena
17 October 2019

Reading time: 2 minutes

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Having a successful marketing strategy is something salon owners are most concerned about these days. No matter how good your salon is, you’ll need to find ways to show your expertise and attract new clients in order to help your salon stay on top of the competition and grow. If you’re not happy with the amount of new customers coming to your salon, you need to switch up your promotions and kick them up a notch. Read on and get to know 5 of the best ways to attract new clients for your salon!

Ask for referrals and reviews

Before coming to a salon, people want to hear about the experience others had. It’s essential for you to have many good reviews online as well as clients that recommend you to friends, family, and colleagues offline. How do you achieve this? Asking is the key! Don’t be afraid to ask your loyal customers to review your salon on platforms like Google My Business or Facebook and tell everyone about their great experience. If you want to get to know more about word of mouth in the digital world, click here!

Offer promotions

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One of the best ways to attract new clients are promotions. Simply offer new clients a discount toward their first service, an additional free treatment, or anything else beneficial for them. Once your new clients have booked their appointment and visited your salon, you can show off your expertise and high quality services. Tip: a loyalty program (such as: buy five haircuts, get the sixth for free) allows you to turn new clients into long term customers after their first appointment!

Start a blog

A blog does not only boost you up in Google search results thanks to keywords, but also attracts new clients. How? Offering free advice in blogs is always appreciated by readers. Compared with interaction in the form of comments or shares, blogs are great for you to build new connections, make people aware of your salon and increase the amount of booked appointments. All in one, blogging helps you to establish your salon in the beauty industry, attract new clients and strengthen the relationship with existing clients.

Use social media

Social media is a free, yet incredibly powerful marketing tool you shouldn’t miss out on. As a salon, you can share the work of your stylists, hair care tips or beauty news with your followers. Social media allows you to create a lasting impact on people visiting your page and a first impression that speaks volumes. Furthermore, you can interact with your followers and build a strong online community through which creating multiple channels for new clients to reach you. To get started and spread the word about your salon’s social media accounts, it’s beneficial to run a raffle. Example: everyone who shares and follows your page has the chance to win a free haircut or some beauty products. You’ll be surprised how fast your accounts can grow!

Pair up with others

Most hair salons are small, local businesses. Pairing up with other local businesses or influencers and bloggers can help you attract new clients. Think about influencers or businesses around your area that target the same or similar audience. This can be a fashion retailer, florist, gym, restaurant or any other business around your salon. Sit down together and create a plan on how you can help each other to grow with giveaways, recommendations, events, etc. Local support is powerful and a great opportunity for you to attract new clients!

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Let's get started

The first step towards growing your customer base is making a plan and getting started. Rank higher on google, work with other businesses, influencers and bloggers, create social media accounts, ads and powerful content and promote your special offers online. If you need any help with your salon’s marketing, get in touch with us!